Ha Noi, March 26, 2021 – On the occasion of the First International Exchange Meeting on Smart Transportation and Autonomous Technology in Viet Nam, A&A Green Phoenix Group JSC (Phenikaa Group) has officially revealed the first “Made-in-Viet Nam” Level-4 Autonomous Vehicle with outstanding features and functions developed by the Group’s own scientists and specialists.

The conference is held by Phenikaa Group at Phenikaa University, Ha Noi in cooperation with reputable international organizations. Attendants of the event include leaders of the ministries of Science and Technology and Information and Communications, representatives of provincial people’s committees, hundreds of enterprises, professors and specialists in technology, transportation and smart city development, and leading automobile companies (Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Tier IV) as well as Nagoya University. The conference is designed to focus on the challenges and opportunities for the future of smart city and smart transportation, and also the prospect of autonomous technology.

The highlight of the event is the launching and showcasing of the Smart Autonomous Vehicle by Phenikaa Group, which is well-received and highly-recommended by the professionals, participants and community. Through the introduction of the autonomous vehicle, Phenikaa Group has succeeded acquiring Level 4 of self-driving technology and making the first prototype of the vehicle, which proves the Group’s capabilities in scientific research and development (R&D) and deployment of top-class, first-of-the-kind smart technological products. This is also the first step for Phenikaa Group in pursuit of sustainable development after strong, insightful investment has been made to create its own smart, applicable core technologies; to show the Group’s determination to rise as a leading corporation in technology and industrials; and to expand the influence of Vietnamese brands in the technological and industrial industries and in autonomous technology sector.

Phenikaa smart autonomous vehicle is designed to bring users the best performance and experience through outstanding smart functions, artificial intelligence (AI) and most of up-to-date advancements such as 2D/3D maps, Lidar sensor, SLAM, machine learning and deep learning. The electrical eco-friendly self-driving vehicle is installed with nearly 40 level-4 self-driving features based on the standards by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE International), in which level 5 is the highest. The 40 features are divided into 4 categories: Lane Control, Safety Control, Obstacle Detection, and Smart Driving.

The new product is comparatively better than others for its abilities to automatically change lane, detect signs and pedestrians, position via the 3D map, analyze real-time motion of other vehicles, and setting up the routes based on surrounding obstacles and vehicles in addition to other tasks such as setting up the route and maximum speed as well as automatic parking. Particularly, Phenikaa smart autonomous vehicle is driverless and the user can take control of the vehicle via a customized application.

The prototype of Phenikaa smart autonomous vehicle is studied, developed and completed in only 6 months and the work is done solely by scientists, specialists and engineers of Phenikaa Group’s research insitutes/centers, Phenikaa University and Phenikaa-X JSC. Through strong financing for Phenikaa Innovation Foundation, Phenikaa Group commits to creating an innovation hub to foster talents, encourage innovative ideas and thinkings, and assist scientists and startup businesses to realize their initiatives, thus contributing to the development of the nation.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Le Anh Son, Director of Phenikaa-X JSC, said: “We hope the introduction of Viet Nam’s first “Made-in-Vietnam” Level-4 Smart Autonomous Vehicle will facilitate the development of the self-operating industry, localize technological products and perfectly meet the market demand for high-quality, internationally-standardized products and services.”

“Moreover, together with the development and expansion of the smart transportation application BusMap, Phenikaa autonomous vehicle will ease the difficulties with urban transport system, hasten the creation of smart cities and bring a better life to the people. The two technological products are resulted from the efforts of Phenikaa people to explore the power of the three pillars in the Phenikaa Ecosystem: Enterprises – Scientific Research – Education and Training.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, said: “The successful development of Phenikaa autonomous vehicle is the proof that Vietnamese people are completely capable of mastering 4.0 technologies and creating ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ technological products.”

“The studies of Phenikaa Group and its affiliates are the motivation and encouragement for the Vietnamese technological and digital enterprises so they are able to keep being creative and innovative.”

“The launching of the autonomous vehicle today shows that universities and research institutes are not only able to make great studies but we are also proficient enough to bring those studies into life, come up with the products that are usable, and connect with the businesses to develop young generations that are competent at technological research and development.”

On behalf of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Deputy Minister also asks Phenikaa Group to consider partnering with the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the development of the policies so autonomous vehicles are operated in practice soon.

At the conference, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between Phenikaa Group and Nippon Koei Vietnam – member of the Japanese group Nippon Koei specializing in consultancy activities for infrastructure development projects in more than 110 countries, SICK Sensor Intelligence – the world’s biggest sensor enterprise, Advantech Vietnam Technology Co. Ltd. – smart IoT solutions developer, BAP Group – Japanese AI startup company, and VEDAX – the exclusive partner of Intel and Nvidia in Viet Nam to make new products with high qualities and superior functions and push the development of the autonomous industry.

The revelation of the first “Made-in-Vietnam” Level-4 Autonomous Vehicle in Viet Nam means the milestone for Phenikaa Group in the technological industry, allowing the Group to become more competitive and environmentally-friendly and operate in the form of sustainability on the principle of limitless creativity, innovation to make the life smarter, better, balance the interests between stakeholders and propel the country’s socio-economic development. Furthermore, this event will also accelerate the construction of smart cities and smart solutions for people to enjoy living, resolve the difficulties with urban development and environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of the society and community.